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The To Live & Date in LA blog is about topics such as; dating advice, love,  inspiration, DIY, travel, and all things LA! If you would like your business or organization featured on the To Live & Date in LA website, contact:

To Live & Date in LA (formerly known as Awkward Girl in the City) averages thousands of views per week and growing, and has featured posts on, LA Times Digital and UptownMagazine. Views are concentrated highly in the U.S., and the site has also been named one of The 10 Best Dating blogs for Dating in the City by, and both Jonesie and the series have been featured on BlackTalentTV and The Double Scoop.

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Pricing available upon request: Side bar ads; multiple sizes are allowed, including text, graphics, html and links.

Sponsored Posts: Pricing for sponsored posts will be determined by the writer as to ensure subject matter is of value to the brand and readership.

Social Media Mentions: Jonesie has thousands of followers on social media, and her fanbase is growing exponentially every day. As all of Jonesie’s posts are linked on the Monday Blogs twitter hashtag and feed, which boasts over 20,000 followers, and her posts are also featured and retweeted by the Uptown Magazine twitter feed, which, boasts over 28,000 followers and counting. The popularity of her blog has led to the creation of, ‘To Live & Date in LA’, a webseries written/produced/starring Jonesie that debuted in the fall of 2014. To Live & Date in LA has also been nominated for Best Webseries in the 2015 Women Fashion and Film Festival. If you would like your brand posted in social media ad(s) by Jonesie, please contact:

Advertising Packages: Advertising packages include Twitter mentions, Instagram posts, Blog posts and site advertisement. Television and Film advertisements are also available for run on To Live & Date in LA!

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