Limerance is a bitch. It can have you believing this specific person is the only one for you. The person that will understand you in ways no one else will. This person not only will change your life but also fulfill every desire and fantasy you have ever had. They are beautiful, funny, interesting and going to be the love of your life. The only problem is you don’t actually really know this person because they are your crush and you have developed the feeling of Limerance.

What exactly is Limerance? Limerance is defined as: the site of being obsessed/infatuated with another person. Typically involuntary experienced and characterized by a strong desire of reciprocation of one’s feelings, but not primarily for a sexual relationship (dictionary). You may be feeling this out of a need to fulfill something within you and once you realize you’re experiencing it, you also come to another realization: your crush ain’t shit.

Having a crush on someone feels so fun and giddy. You spend time fantasizing about them and how they will respond to you in scenarios imagined in your mind. They seem so amazing and wonderful, as if they were made just for you. In our minds we believe they are not only incredible, but everything they do is as well. The way they laugh, smile, dress etc. becomes apart of their appeal that also makes them seem irresistible to us. Soon we begin thinking of ways to communicate with them whether it be a random text about something they’re interested in, or an invitation to a casual event, we start to show our feelings in minor ways.

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