My Date with the Jokester Part II


 I tried….I really did, but Mr. I think I’m a comedian, lost me, and it only took one date and a few text conversations later to do so. So how in fact did Mr. Comedian lose me in just one date? Here’s how:
     1) Showing up a half hour late and not calling or texting to tell me: Mr. Comedian is the first guy since high school to show up so late for a date, but here’s the difference. In high school cell phones were just gaining popularity-well for my generation anyway-and we still used pagers. Now in 2012 the age of the cell phone, there is literally NO excuse for not calling or at least texting a woman to tell her you’ll be late for a date…especially your first one!

     2) Using the date as a one-man show performance: Mr. Comedian did exactly that! Placing the spotlight completely on himself in a very obnoxious way by turning every topic, or situation into a joke. As I said in my earlier post I love to laugh and be with a man who is funny, but when everything is a joke, or being made fun of how do I know when to ever take you seriously? And can we just turn it down a tad bit on the first date please?

  3) Texting your date the next day to complain about your insecurities: The day after our date Mr. Comedian texts me to point out all the things he felt insecure about on the date. Now let me preface by saying insecurities are perfectly normal and that is not my issue with Mr. Comedian.

My issue is that he decided to text about this instead of calling or talking to me in person, and that the things he felt insecure about were very superficial, like the movie he picked out…A movie I never complained about, made any mention of, or said I didn’t like. He was using this as an excuse instead of just really talking to me about what was bothering him because we all know it wasn’t the movie choice.

     4) Using a lame excuse to reschedule our follow up date: I wanted to give Mr. Comedian another chance, which meant another date because I know that he is inherently a good person. Although I had reservations about it I said yes to another date which I wrote about in my previous post. I had scaled back the text and phone conversations because I felt my interest waining and had not spoken to him since the day after our date when he asked me out again for the following Friday. 

Thursday night as I was having drinks with my friend I received a text from Mr. Comedian confirming our date for Monday. Did you catch that? Monday…Ummmm…The date was set for Friday, so why would you confirm for Monday? I text back something to that effect to which I receive a follow up about him forgetting because it was March Madness, and that made him forget. Well, I canceled our fake Monday date and with that last immature act, I permanently forget about Mr. Comedian.

 So what is the lesson learned here? For me I learned that I truly am changing my bad dating habit ways and am willing to give a man another chance, and hope that if the roles were reversed he’d give me another chance as well. Also that we all have insecurities and issues that we need to work on, but projecting them onto your date is not the way to go about dealing with them! 

I will never give up on dating or finding love, but with every bad experience I learn more about myself and what I really want, so the search will continue…

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