Quarantine, Anxiety & Ice Cream

Since we are now in year fifty-thousand of quarantine, I wanted to address issues many of us have been facing while living with this pandemic. For me, anxiety, depression, fear, have been reoccurring themes. Whether you have been dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, or fear, know that we will get through this together.

March 2020 and beyond has been rough for all of us. We are losing jobs, loved ones, financial security, facing food insecurities and death on a massive scale. It is scary as hell. Black Lives Matter and racial injustice movements not only in policing, but also our workplaces are at the forefront as well. Reckoning on a major scale is taking place. Caught on video acting racist and ignorant = lose your job, unless you’re a cop.

Constantly being bombarded with videos of racism, including Black/Brown people being beaten, shot etc. is psychologically damaging to watch as a Black person. These videos are visceral and can bring upon a depression so heavy that you have to claw your way out of it. Losing your job can feel devastating. The fear that accompanies it marries with anxiety and can push you over your emotional edge. The stress of quarantine, COVID, and just trying to buy groceries, is an emotional nosedive many of us are collectively experiencing.

How do we push past these fears, depression, anxiety and worries? Is it possible to truly break free from them? For many of us it may seem impossible. Essential workers are literally putting their lives on the line for us. They are encountering awful customers who are physically assaulting them over having to wear a face mask. They all deserve better.

In handling my depression/anxiety, here is what has worked for me: meditation calms my anxious brain. I am also allowing myself to feel whatever it is I am feeling. Actually talking about how I feel whether it be with a trusted friend, God or literally out loud to myself. Listening to binaural beats/meditations at night while in bed, and reading. Connecting with people on Twitter and posting funny skits on Instagram (instagram.com/toliveanddateinla). Exercise and writing. Calling my family members weekly. Watching shows like: The Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, Martin, The Office, Living Single, Spongebob Squarepants and eating Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream.

Nothing about quarantine is easy. While some of us may have financial security, most of us are on unemployment, which abruptly ends soon. There are those of us that are in relationships, while some of us are living alone. We are all worried, scared and frustrated. Please, reach out for help if you are having any thought of harming yourself or someone else; https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Know that we will all get through this. These are extraordinarily hard times. Allow yourself to feel, scream, yell, run, meditate, cry, be loved and give love. No matter what you do, know that almost anything goes better with a pint of ice cream. Try and find at least one positive aspect of your day and meditate on it. Love you all and am praying for your safety, health, emotional and mental well being. Feel free to vent about your quarantine experiences in the comment section below.

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