3 Things to Leave in 2016

Am I the only one happy to see 2016 go? Good riddance to the rubbish that was this year because I am completely over it. While there are serious reasons why 2016 sucked on a larger scale, you know, like the orange cheeto inciting an insane amount of hate and mysogyny…or losing Prince, which by the way I am still not over, but I digress. Here are the reasons why 2016 totally sucked:

My Instagram Crushed Ruined Everything: Okay, he didn’t ruin everything in real life, just in the fantasy I created of him and our future children in my head. How did he ruin it all, you ask? He never asked me out! I am so over time wasters, and flirters with no follow through, so goodbye Instagram crush. I am leaving you behind in 2016. I will not delete you from my feed because then you’d know that you actually bothered me, and also, I need you to be able to see my fabulousness on a daily bases.

2016 taught me how to value my time, and myself as a whole. I am completely worthy of a man that will see how dope I am from the get-go, not leave me wondering how he feels, not flirt with me just to feed his ego, and who will ask me out on a proper date. You deserve that too you know. If he/she has left you guessing about how they feel, or does not make you a priority, please leave them in 2016. You are worthy of all the love you allow yourself to experience.2) If They Don’t Vibe With Me, They Can’t Hang With Me: Everyone is not meant to be your friend. Honestly…Truly. I let go of a few friends this year, but looking back I’d say they weren’t friends, but moments in time in which they were put in my life, then their time was up and they needed to go. I am one hundred percent glad they are gone, and I have let go of the need to keep giving people chances, or make excuses for their behavior.

Not every person that comes into your life is meant to stay forever. Some may serve an integral purpose, like getting you through a loss or breakup. Or maybe helping you to come out of your shell and experience new things, and then, they are gone. They have moved out of your life, because the time they had with you is over.

At times, we know from the jump that this is not someone we vibe with, but we as women especially, are told to forge friendships and make them last, and if they don’t it somehow means there’s something wrong with us. I feel like I shouldn’t have to constantly argue with my friends, be put off when plans are made, or made to feel like there’s something wrong with me because they are hanging their insecurities on my shoulders, and this is how these women made me feel. Letting them go increased my happiness, and ultimately that’s what sustains me. Whether they go on their own, or you are forced to let them go…don’t ever feel bad about putting your happiness first.

3) Shut the Hell Up Sometimes: Our words carry an immense amount of power, but we fail to use them wisely. All year I kept griping about how broke I was, and how I never had enough money to do all of the things I want to do blah, blah, blah…then I started realizing that I have made it for the past five years at my job and still been able to do some pretty dope shit, and have now created this broke reality for myself on my own. How so? I spoke it into existence! I would complain about money to my sister, dad, grandmas, best friends, literally every time someone spoke, I’d follow it up with the I’m so broke crap. I created this reality for myself. I have place to live, car, computer, cell phone, tv, clothes, shoes, and food…I am not broke.

Broke is living outside on the streets, no food or water unless someone has mercy on you. Broke is not what I am or have ever been. Was I able to book my Bali trip this year, no, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get there in 2017. Was I able to buy that jacket I wanted? No, but do I also have a closet filled with just jackets…yes.

Sometimes, we just need to shut the hell up, stop for a moment and really think about what we are saying. What are you telling yourself daily? Change your attitude and you can literally change your life. I adopted this and got a writing gig, a back pay check from work, and a bill I thought I couldn’t pay got paid. Speak what you want into existence.

Everyday on my way to work I purposely drive past the FOX Studios and yell at it. Really. I drive past and affirm to it that we will be working together in the future and I do the same thing to a major talent agency I drive by as well. I’ve also been listening to motivational speeches in the morning instead of the radio, writing like crazy and preparing for the dreams I’m bringing into fruition. What’s the point of creating an existence you’re not ready for? I’m not even waiting for 2017 to come before leaving 2016 right where it is.

What are you determined to leave in 2016? Whether it’s an Instagram crush, fair weather friends, or negative thinking. Comment below & let’s motivate each other!

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