The Cable Guy Called Me Out on My Dating Issues


The cable guy told me I had commitment issues: I recently canceled my incredibly high priced cable subscription in an effort to save money and focus on my business more and t.v. less. Cable guy #1 tried to get me not to cancel and sell me on how I’d be missing out on “so much” because I no longer had cable. To which I explained there was absolutely nothing he could say to prevent me from canceling and saving money.
I then called two other cable companies to compare packages for future reference, and that’s when it happened. I had a philosophical conversation about my issues with Cable guy #2.
After selling me on a new cable package he had me fishing out my credit card from my wallet when he dropped a huge bomb on me: I’d have to sign a two-year contract to get the specials he was offering! That’s when he lost me. I freaked out-literally. I could feel my heart racing as I held the phone and my credit card immediately went back into my wallet.
When I explained to him there was absolutely no way I would sign a two-year contract he began telling me all the reasons why having that two-year agreement would benefit me in the long run.
I began defending why signing a two-year agreement would hurt me. Saying that I was way too scared to get stuck in a contract with a cable company I had never even had a relationship with. And, adding that things may change and that I may not like the service anymore, or that I’d move away, or lose my job and not be able to afford the service any longer, and literally a million other reasons why this was a bad move. 
Cable guys #2 response: “Sounds like you have issues with commitment.”
There it was a completely honest and bold statement from a guy whom I had never even met. The way he said it really made me think about why I have purposely not been in a relationship in two years. Maybe I really do have a fear of commitment, maybe I have a fear of success. 
Maybe I have a fear that if I completely trust someone I will be giving up apart of myself, or that settling down means sharing the parts of myself I have successfully kept to…well… myself. So thanks Cable guy #2 for helping me to really take a look at myself, and my wants and needs. I am a continual work in process, and will never stop working on myself, as it is the only way to enlightenment.

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