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  Men, Women & Pornography   
 Porn is EVERYWHERE literally…from movies to tv ads, magazines, fashion, blogs etc. Its everywhere and has a huge impact on the way men and women view each other sexually. So what’s the big deal right? Everyone watches porn, so what’s the issue? I am not saying porn is bad or that you are a perv if you watch it, by any means to each his own. My issue stems from a recent three hour long…yes three hour long phone conversation I had with a guy I met this week.

Guy I met this week: “I don’t know what you like, but I like a girl to be open-minded in bed and up for anything.”

Me: “Expecting so much so soon is a lot of pressure. I mean you can’t expect acrobats every time you are with a woman. We can’t all be porn stars.”
Guy I met this week: “Yeah I know girls have a lot of pressure on them, but that’s what I need to keep from cheating.”

Needless to say I no longer associate with this person, but it brings me to my point. We can’t all be porn stars, so why are we all expected to perform as such. Women are expected to be a perfect lady outside of the bedroom and a sexual powerhouse in the bedroom to keep our men satisfied and faithful.
As far as porn goes it is a movie a fantasy, or at least it was until everyone and their neighbor started airing all their homemade videos online. Now there is this ideal out there that is almost impossible for us to live up to. Who started this trend in the first damn place? The difference between your average woman and a porn star is, that the porn star is being paid. She is being paid to perform all those acts, or at least pretend to like them. And porn, and its ways have been adopted by the mainstream media. I’ve noticed there is an enormous amount of pressure put on women to live up to that ideal. And is being open-minded sexually really the ONLY way to keep your man satisfied? What happen to all of the other traits we look for in a mate?
Guys don’t think I’m putting all the blame on you because I’m not. So who is to blame the porn stars, the media, or the viewers? There is a huge difference between Fantasy and Reality, and when you reach a certain level of maturity in your life you can easily differentiate between the two. In reality putting pressure on anyone to perform a certain way sexually is absurd, and cheating on someone because they are not giving you what you want in the bedroom is frankly, a selfish excuse to cheat. 

If you are not satisfied in the bedroom, talk to your partner about your needs, wants, and expectations instead of bouncing from person to person trying to have them met. Just because the person you’re cheating with likes to do ____ (you fill in the blank) doesn’t mean they will satisfy you in all the other areas of your relationship. Think before you cheat because, and not to sound cliche but, just because the grass is freakier on the other side doesn’t mean its good for you.

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