Have You Ever Been Ghosted?



Remember that time when you find out Santa Claus wasn’t real and, even though you may have already suspected it in your heart, you were still hurt? You just saw the world and everyone in it a little differently, right? Or, am I being super melodramatic? I remember it like it was yesterday…cue violin…my sister and I stayed up all night Christmas Eve, hoping we would spot him. I was so excited, that I kept peeking out of the bedroom window thinking I would see him. That’s when it happened. That’s when I spotted them. The horror of all horrors. I can still see them right now as I type. My parents were unloading our new bikes out of the trunk of their car! That was the day my life changed forever.

Okay, guys, yes, that was super over dramatic, but remember, I am an actor. The fact that we even had parents that could afford to buy us new bikes is beyond a blessing, but my point is, we tend to build people up in our minds, and then they do something, or an event takes place, that reminds us of exactly who they are…or are not. This recently happened to me over on Instagram. Now, I have only had one date from someone sliding into my DM’s, and that went horribly wrong, which I will blog about at another time. This time, I was the one doing the sliding.

It all started when I  tweeted about liking someone over on Instagram, and how I felt weird about sliding into his DM’s. Well, my twitter friend really helped to pump me up, and get me excited about all of the possibilities that sliding into his DM’s could bring. After some really great confidence building on her part, I thought, what the hell, let’s do this yo! So, I casually slid my fingers across my iPhone and tapped my Instagram icon. By this time I felt like a complete badass and had absolutely no qualms about what I was about to do.This particular guy was not my usual type-but my usual type is overconfident douchebag, so that’s not saying much-he seemed really funny and was physically attractive as well. He’d comment here and there on a few of my pics, but not in a sexual way whatsoever. He would compliment my work as an actor, which made me start to look at him differently. I liked how he came across and again, funny and creative wins me over every time. And don’t have pics of you in a bookstore because I tell you right now, I will be all yours, but I digress.

“Just do it already!” I told myself, so I went for it. I mean what’s the worse that could happen? He’ll tell me he’s not interested, and I’ll go about my life per usual, without my new crush. Having a crush is so fun because you can literally make this person out to be whatever you want in your mind, and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t know if he had a girlfriend, but there are no pics of anyone on his IG outside of hos friends, so I’m assuming no. Maybe his friends are taking all those pics, or he’s employing his self-timer like us single gals do. Either way, I have to try…right?

I did it. I sent a DM asking if he’d like to chat and get to know each other better. He writes back that he absolutely would. I say something-in my mind-super clever, witty, and mind blowing, then it happens…he sends me his number and asks me to text him. I text him the next day and he does not respond right away. Okay, I tell myself, these dudes are a new breed now and maybe he’s playing it cool. Here’s the thing, I am not into playing it cool. At this point it’s like, “Hey you! Yeah you! I like you, you like me, are we gonna do this or not?” Being that I’m not a player, I DM and let him know that was in fact me texting him the day before. I receive a text not soon after.

He’s very casual, almost too casual and has a very playful tone towards me in his message. I can’t read him. In the DM exchange I was convinced he liked me, but now, I’m not so sure. What the hell could have happened in one day? Anyway, I text back a response just as funny, and he sends me one more response, which I respond to. Then it stops. The next day I send a simple have a great day or something to the affect, and then it happens. The horror of horrors. I remember it like it was yesterday, I checked my phone once, twice, thrice, eight times, nine, ten…it had been done. I had been ghosted. WTF?!!!!

I consult with my best friend-whose literally the brother I wished I had, and married, so don’t go there-and he tells me that he thinks my IG crush had a girlfriend this entire time. Ugh, maybe he did. Or maybe he didn’t realize the true scale of my dopeness. Maybe I pumped him up too much in my head. Maybe he decided he wasn’t interested after all. Whatever it was, ghosting someone is never cool guys. Every woman would rather hear that you’re not interested, then you literally disappearing on them. I seriously cannot name one person that this hasn’t happened to! Ghosting is bullshit and uncalled for, we’re big girls, we can take the truth, so just let us know, and let’s leave ghosting in 2015 yo.

Have you ever been Ghosted?

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