90 Days on Match: Fu*k those Match Commercials


Listen, all of these insane, never going to happen, literally not based on anything but one fact in common like, ‘You both like dogs!’, Match.com matches are absolutely ridiculous! Week four has felt like a complete waste of time. During weeks 1-3 I figured I had to give it time, and see if the Match system could work in my favor…damn that, this site is absurd. Why my anger? Those super fake Match.com commercials that air all day. This is why they annoy me:

#1) Match.com asks you to sign up to be a featured member, which will include being in a Match commercial.

#2) The people in the commercial literally look perfect.

#3) The daters in the commercial all have these “Oh so busy lives”, like running marathons, working in fashion, etc. and just have not one minute in their day to try and find someone new.

Leading a busy life is real. Working an amazing job is real. Going on a date with a perfect looking man/woman is real. What is also real is that Match does not in any way try to actually Match you with…well, your Match! I’ve already explained how their system works in weeks 1-3 posts so I won’t re-hash all of the semantics. What I will discuss or type, or bitch about is the lack of effort from this company and the overstated claims they preach about in these commercials.

Match sends 24 “New Matches” to your personal e-mail daily, and it is up to you to scroll through the pics and profiles to see if there is anyone your interested in. I am on week friggin’ four, and have yet to pick a damn match! Why? The matches are literally just random picks that Match has e-mailed that have no commonalities between us whatsoever. So, that entire approach is a waste of time and hopes, as the company is just letting their computer just pick anyone without trying to actually “match” you with them.

Online dating is also about patience. A lot of damn patience. I am a very impatient person, and it is a huge flaw I am working on, but I understand that sites like this are all about patience. Since I am doing this for research purposes, not meeting my perfect match does not affect me much. It would’ve been cool to make new friends, but that’s not what this site is for.

Patience is a huge key when using Match because you will literally have to sift through thousands of profiles almost daily to try and get to someone you indeed match with. Although I do not think their computer should do all of the work for them, I do wish the site used an effective system of compatibility. Needless to say week four has been uneventful. I received less e-mails and winks, and my profile was viewed 260 times. I did not receive any winks from the men I sent winks to who stated they had no ethnicity preferences…five more weeks to go kids…stay tuned!

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0 thoughts on “90 Days on Match: Fu*k those Match Commercials

  1. Peachie says:

    Every word you speak is true Jonesie. They pay no attention to what your specifics are. I may be missing a bit, but I explain in my profile I've never dated a white guy and have mixed feelings about doing so. Yet, a lot of what I get is of the white persuasion. I am not ready. Just not. Old school I am. Additionally, I really read profiles. If there's something about me that doesn't match something he's looking for, that's it. I don't pursue it. You did three months, I did six. Crazy, I know.

  2. CF Winn says:

    Ha ha …I think I am your East Coast twin. My cousin has put me on that site twice…both times so that her happily married self could watch me meet people that I would never date had the first time we'd met been face to face. She is literally begging me to finish my book about my experiences on that site. It would be nice if I could end it something like, “And they lived happily without having had to use a dating site…ever.”

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