Draft Day Interview: Tom Welling From Superman to Football Hero

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Tom Welling is insanely good looking, has perfect teeth and eyes that you can lose yourself in if you’re not careful. As I stroll in fully prepared to be super professional, not lose my cool, and interview him according to my pre-written questions…as soon as we begin to talk, all of that goes out the window. Good looks aside, he is so much more than his perfect teeth and ocean blue eyes…Not only is he genuinely nice, but smart and most of all humble. Dressed in a button-up shirt and jeans, I can’t help but notice how much he has matured from the cute young man we came to know as Clark Kent years ago on “Smallville”.

He melted our hearts as Clark Kent/Superman on the hit series, and is now grabbing our attention as Brian Drew in the new film, Draft Day starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Portraying a football star that is proving his worth after fighting his way back from an injury, his future is hanging by a thread on the day of the NFL draft. Tom brings out a vulnerability we as the audience not only root for but want to see more of. I sat down for a quick interview with the star at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills…

Jonesie: Hi Tom congratulations on the film! Your character is very poignant and integral to the story. I was rooting for him!

Tom: Thank you so much that means a lot. I wanted him to make it too…I was watching the film and I was rooting for him!

Jonesie: Although we do not see your character in every scene of the film, your character is with us in every scene. He is spoken of, talked about, and you have such a pivotal role that even when we don’t see you we as the viewer are thinking about you. There’s also that intense scene you have with Kevin [Costner, who plays Cleveland Browns General Manager Sonny Weaver in the film]…

Tom: Yeah, I had to film that [confrontation] twenty minutes after I just met him! What’s different about that scene is that although it is very intense and heated, you can tell that there is something bigger there between them. Brian and Sonny are almost like a father/son or big brother/little brother relationship. Brian Drew is not petulant and there is a connection there.

Jonesie: Exactly. As I watched the scene I could see the emotion that your character was portraying. Yes you are confronting him, but you are also underneath it all saying, ‘Look man I love you, you’re like my brother, just help me out.’

Tom: Right…he and Sonny are more then just player and boss. They have an understanding between them and Brian is a good guy.

tom welling draft day

Jonesie: Your body is insane in this film, what did you do to transform yourself for this role?

Tom: Honestly I didn’t do anything…not to sound conceited but I had about three weeks to prepare for this role so that’s just me (laughing). Luckily, I didn’t have to take my shirt off! (laughing)

Jonesie: Ummm…honestly I don’t think any of us would have minded if you did Tom! This role definitely sets you apart from your Smallville character and is an amazing transition for you into film.

Tom: Thank you so much that is the best compliment that I can get. Honestly, thank you, that is so great to hear. Yes, it’s great to be known for one thing but I am ready to move on. I was on that show for ten years.

Jonesie: I asked your Twitter fans to send me questions, and I was not prepared for the amount of responses…you have an insane amount of fans and from all over the world! Oh and your fans from Spain really love you! Question 1: Any plans to return to TV? Question 2: Do you have a preference for film or TV?

Tom: It’s not a matter of preference of film or television. I don’t have a preference, but, I am focusing on films now and don’t have plans to return to TV any time soon.

Jonesie: What else will we see you in this year?

Tom: You know, I haven’t signed on for anything. Not really taking a break, just waiting for something great.

Draft Day in theaters April 11!

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Note: Tom was wearing a blue shirt which accounts for his eyes appearing blue at the time of the interview. Thanks to a sweet Twitter follower & T.W. fan for letting me know his eyes
are green.

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0 thoughts on “Draft Day Interview: Tom Welling From Superman to Football Hero

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great interview and thank you for posting it. You are correct he is genuinely nice, but smart and most of all humble.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, good interview. You said Tom is humble. Have you interviewed other celebs and if you have what makes you say that Tom is humble relative to them? Do you think he is better looking in person than he appears on tv or film?

  3. Awkward Girl in the City: Single, Dating, Akward... says:

    I wrote that he's humble, not in comparison to the other celebs I've interviewed, but solely based on his gracious and respectful attitude. He didn't have a huge entourage and also complemented his co-stars, as well as talked about his appreciation for his fans. As far as his looks…well, the guy is gorgeous no matter where he is! I'm glad you liked the interview and thanks so much for reading 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi..love the interview. Just out of curiosity, why do you say he is not relying on his looks and very “not Hollywood” ? What make you think he is different with mostly Hollywood actor? Was he sick at that time because he looked pale during Draft Day promo tour? Does he have scar on his right cheek because I think I see it sometimes ? I'm sorry my question is very fangirling 🙂 I have a huge crush on him 🙂

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