90 Days on Match: 5 Reasons Why it Sucks


1) There are over 100 questions the system asks you to answer to “Match” you with someone that has similar interests and then picks your interest based on none of those answers.

2) The Match.com system bases the matches they send you three common interest that are insanely frivolous like: You both enjoy dining out, Like you he likes dogs, and He enjoys watching movies. Really? Really Match? Really?

3) Match.com does not check the ethnicity preferences their members have chosen before they match them up to you. For instance 80% of the matches Match.com has sent me, have been members that only want to date women that are not black/African American. The members in most cases have chosen white/Caucasian, Latino/Hispanic or Asian as their ethnicity of choice.

4) You have to answer stupid crap like this everyday:


5) Then there are e-mails like this:

Subject Hello

Enter your message here

I like your profile. And I can tell that you’re not a Maneater. Which is good, cuz i can’t go for that.

That might be the worst joke you will ever hear on this site. You’re welcome.

On a serious note, I like to read and write as well. And I think you are cute.

I am 100% over Match and its nonsensical ways of “matching” me up with basically no one. Online dating can be such a great experience…for everyone else. Luckily I joined for research purposes only, but I can definitely see and feel how this would be disheartening for a man/woman looking for love. It is a huge test of patience and persistence, and your wallet. If you are willing to pay for your initial membership and allow it to be automatically renewed every three to six months in order to find love…more power to you. I just deleted mine. 42 days left to go…

Have you found love online? I’d love to hear your stories and comments…sound off below!
Thanks for reading xo Jonesie
Pic used courtesy of match.

0 thoughts on “90 Days on Match: 5 Reasons Why it Sucks

  1. Peachie says:

    Just a quick aside: Always ask if the profile picture is current. So glad I did. Convinced the guy to take a selfie so I could see his current self. I almost died. Looked like a very old man. I met him for lunch anyway so I could tell him directly about his bait and switch tactic :). Would never have corresponded if the picture had been a truthful depiction. Funny thing is he kept mentioning people not looking like their pictures which is what prompted me to ask if he looked like his. Always ask Ladies and Gents. You may be getting a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The guy that wrote that message was probably genuinely interested in you and you blew him off because his intro was corny. Now either the guy was not attractive or that line made him unattractive to you. You have to understand that its extremely hard to generate a conversation out of nowhere with a girl and all you have to work with is pictures and “she likes dogs”lol even if you give a few paragraphs its hard for a guy to approach in a different manner than every other guy and elicit a favorable response. Women definitely have it a little easier in the dating game because they are able to just judge approaches…to make this study fair I think you should also write to men with an approach that you believe would work for you…try to be creative and different and not like why the other messages that he may be getting look like. You have an advantage because you have been getting all of the messages that you see as a fail so you know what not to do. Men have to put in all of their work without this info. We have to bring about conversation off of “wonks” lol. Which , might I mention, is an approach that you said you wouldn't respond to 🙂

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